Product Description

Environmental pollution should not be considered as soil, water and air pollution only. Products of anaerobic decomposition (biochemical degradation in air free environment) are osmogen (giving off bad smell) products, ammonium, hydrogen sulphide as inorganic; amine aldehyde, alcohol and carbonyl mercaptan and fatty acids as organic materials. These osmogen gases may have poisonous effect at high concentrations. For example, when H2S odor can be detected by us, at those concentrations, it is not known that if it has any harm to health but when its concentration in the air is over 320 mg/ m3, its smell can not be detected and after 1120 mg/m3 it causes fast and sudden death. To be on the safe side for human health, it is required that this value should not be over 30 mg/m3.
Rotaplast determines Deodorizing Units according to requirements of your facilities, performs production and applies tests, provides installation as turnkey. After installation, continuing training and support, it becomes reference guide for permanent security whenever it is necessary.