Product Description

The most important part of ECM Brewery System which has been planned as a grand investment project of Türkiye Uçak Sanayi A.Ş., based in Eskişehir, has been accomplished by Rotaplast A.Ş.
Work done by Rotaplast is delivery commitment of BREWERY facility as complete turnkey in order to run ECM equipment to be imported to produce BLISK parts inside modern jet engines at TEI facilities.
TEİ, one of world’s leading aircraft engine manufacturers, has accomplished production of first single piece compressor pale and disk part (blisk) with installed facility. Above mentioned production has been done for 5th stage compressor blisk part of GEnx engine giving power to Boeing 747-8 and 787 that has been one of today’s most important aircraft engine development project.
Blisk project could be realized by utilizing latest technologies of world aviation industry. TEİ with this investment has become one of exceptional companies having this technology. Better performance has been accomplished by decreasing considerable amount of weight and harmful emissions at jet engines by means of using high technology in production of new generation blisk and spools.
Defense Industry Undersecretary visited TEİ in order to see installed facilities on site in September,2010, this investment is an indicator for current situation of our country’s aviation industry.
As being completed this facility before due date and much better quality than expectations, Rotaplast, providing service to TUSAŞ A.Ş. since 2000, is proud of being one of the actors of this project that is source of pride for Turkey.