Product Description

Rotaplast provides complete installation, training for workers and technical support for your system at Sheet Copper Plating Facilities
Waste Minimization: System is designed generally as suitable for recovery. In addition to this, chemical costs are quite low comparing to your business and production. Points to be considered are air and water discharge, spill control and bath life.
Water Flow: Most part of water used for rinsing is recovered. This result can be obtained by means of rinsing tanks. Water in these tanks is pumped back to bath in order to recover evaporation loss of water. Very small amount of water is directed to waste treatment.
Spill Control: Unwanted spill and/or overflow control is accomplished easily since system overflow is collected into different overflow containers according to type of chemical. This structure is very suitable for protection of one type of liquid and reuse. Filters are used for retuning of related liquids to their tanks upon request.
Bath Life: All plating and process baths are designed for long life. Contamination is the only factor to decrease bath life. It is possible to keep baths uncontaminated by following our recommendations.
Plating Equipment: Latest plating systems requires selection of proper supplies and materials. Material list given below is organized according to your needs.>> Tanks, Walking platforms, buses, Anodes, Cooling Ventilation, Filters, Redressers, Chemicals, Sizing, Heating, Mixing, Pumping, plating against Contamination, crane and Upper Structure.
Equipment start up: Rotaplast will perform start up of all equipment components. Thus, it will be sure that installation is correct and complete. Functions such as sustainability, rotation, heating and cooling capacity and recovery will be checked.
Bath start up: Correct performance of bath start up is vitally important. This is the best possible way to be sure that start up is without problem and successful performance will continue like that.
Operator Training: Operator training is also one part of our service package. This training information is included in user manual related to operation.
Technical Support. Our support to you will continue after system put into service completely. This support consists of counseling and help by means of telephone.
Laboratory service: ROTAPLAST will give you necessary laboratory equipment, analysis methods and training for controlling your plating baths.
Operational User Manuals: You will have a complete operational user manual prepared especially for your system. This user manual consists of necessary information for each bath, chemicals used, plating and activation procedures, maintenance, documents, quality control and security information etc.
ROTAPLAST will be happy to discuss requirements of your company with you. Considering all aspects of your system, ROTAPLAST’s primary task is to help you for following issues; Engineering, Production, Installation, Start Up and Training and later getting Technical support from a seller according to your request.
Please do not hesitate to call ROTAPLAST in order to put your plating necessities under control, at your first availability.