Product Description

Production and support for Metal Plating Facilities and Accessories are being provided by ROTAPLAST as turnkey.
ROTAPLAST provides all kinds of service necessary for a successful metal plating operation on one line. It also assures full success by means of its experience on Engineering, Equipment, Process and Technical Support areas.
ROTAPLAST provides complete turnkey plating system, brings all pieces from A to Z together and makes production by taking all responsibility of the project.
System Design: ROTAPLAST plans and organizes a special system according to your requirements.
1. Optimum system organization and work flow
2. Adjusting equipment sizes and construction methods
3. Decreasing resource waste to minimum level
4. The most developed Ventilation Systems
5. Layout, all details are considered, production and installation drawings
Process Application: Determination of optimum process meeting quality standards and working conditions in accordance with ‘Minimum Waste Technology’ are among our services. Designing processes resistant to contamination and providing long bath life is our primary goal. ROTAPLAST combines long years experience with new technologies and brings together the most secured, economical and fastest solution at most appropriate point.